Molecular Electronics

Supplementary books:

Supplementary reading:

Waser_cover art

"Nanoelectronics and Information Technology: Advanced Electronic Materials and Novel Devices" ed. by R. Waser, 2ed., Wiley-VCH, 2005


Petty_Cover art

M.Petty, "Molecular Electronics: From Principles to Practice", Wiley 2007

Schedule of Molecular Electronics Lectures

  Date Title Additional reading Research papers to present Presenter
Lecture 1 23-Sep-2009

Molecular electronics architectures. Molecular wires and insulators. Coulomb blockade.

"Molecular electronics" from "Nanoelectronics and IT" ed. R.Waser

D.Porath et al, "Direct measurements of electrical transport in DNA", Nature, 2000


Jacob Hull Kristrensen
Kawai et al, "Self-Organized Interconnect Method for Molecular Devices" JACS 2006
Supplementary material.
Henrik Marcus Geertz-Hansen
Lecture 2 30-Sep-2009 Electronic structure of a molecule. Huckel model. STM in molecular electronics

N.Tao et al, "Measurement of Current-Induced Local Heating in a Single Molecule Junction", Nanoletters, 2006

Svend Hoestgaard Bang Henriksen
Friesbie et al, " Distance dependence of Electron Tunneling trough Self-Assembled Monolayers Measured by Conducting Probe AFM", J.Phys Chem B, 2002 Morten Slyngborg
Lecture 3 7-Oct-2009

Aviram-Ratner concept. Functional molecular electronics: rectification and memory



R.S. Williams et al, "Nanoscale molecular-switch crossbar circuits", Nanotechnology, 2003

Tue Bennike
K.von Klitzing et al, "Organic Quantum Wells: Molecular rectification and Single-electron tunneling"  
Lecture 4 14-Oct-2009

Major experimental techniques in molecular electronics. Break junctions and nanopores. Molecular architectures.

C. Schonenberger et al, "Molecular junctions based on aromatic coupling", Nature Nanotechnology, 2008

Mads K. E. Nygaard
P.McEuen et al, "Nanomechanical oscillations in a single C60 transistor", Nature, 2000 Rasmus Randrup Henrichsen
F.Moresco and A.Gourdon, Scanning tunneling microscopy experiments on single molecular landers, PNAS 2005  
Lecture 5 21-Oct-2009

DNA in molecular electronics.

  D. Porath "Direct measurement of electrical transport through single DNA molecules of complex sequence", PNAS 2005 Rasmus Julsgaard Mortensen
T. Kawai et al, "Electrostatic force microscopy: imaging of DNA and protein polarization one by one" Per Francek
Project presentation 18-Nov-2009 Everybody has to prepare an idea of an interesting experiment in molecular electronics, write 1/2 page description and present the project in the class. D. Porath et al, Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Single DNA Molecules, ACS Nano 2009 Thomas Ørum Rasmussen



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